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Slow Tourism

Live at a slow pace in Sifnos and experience the real Greece

Slow tourism means discovering a place, culture, people and habits different from your own through slow-paced activities: instead of a stressful holiday you will enjoy the experience of quiet places, unique traditions and interactions with local communities.
We invite you to avoid an “eat and run” kind of travel: enjoy the luxury of taking the time to explore, to taste, to follow the rhythm of life of the place and open yourself to unforgettable sensations.
Slow Tourism is also about:
· Sustainability: appreciate the environment through activities with no negative impact
· Discovery: explore the natural beauty, culture and local traditions
· Respect: enjoy the environment and understand the social and cultural context
· Exchange: share knowledge and relationships with the local people and communities
Why choose slow tourism?
The anthropologist Knaus, during an expedition in Borneo, wanting to “gain time” started marching fast to the head of the expedition, but the carriers suddenly stopped: “Are you tired?”, he asked them. “No, but we’re going way too fast and our souls have been left behind”.*
Avoiding the risk of “leaving your soul behind” should be reason enough for becoming a slow tourist. In addition it should give you the opportunity to become acquainted with places and people, and take home a distinctive and lasting experience.
Slow tourism in Sifnos means:
· savouring the slow pace of life,
· discovering the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation,
· appreciating the care for urban and natural environment,
· enjoying the crystal clarity of the sea,
· living in harmony with the local people
· taking part in local events and festivals
· knowing the local history and traditions
· discovering special food, tasting local cuisine and traditional recipes
· living an experience which will involve all your senses

* “Guidelines for the Slow Tourism” (Department of Political and Human Sciences of the University of Trieste, Delta 2000, Poslovno podporni center e Slovenska turistična organizacija)

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